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A visual and intuitive configurator

All web applications consist of 3 main parts. Those are: Network requests, an internal data store and UI Elements. Webflow enables you to build UI Elements. With Wized, you can solve the other two parts. It enables you to add requests and an internal data store to your site. Plus, Wized makes connecting data to elements easier than ever before. With our purely visual configurator - No code required.


Build custom login experiences

Wized gives you 100% design freedom regarding the design of your login area. Instead of using a customizable modal as you do with other providers, you use your own elements for login and account management. Also, you always stay in control over the data of your users. They are always and only stored in your Airtable database.


Connect to anything

You want to load data from a REST API and pass previously loaded parameters of your user with the request? No problem. Wized offers a builder for RESTful requests and allows you to integrate all kinds of data sources into your web application. Some examples: Zapier, Integromat or a Xano no-code backend.


Deep Airtable integration

What would a web application be without its database? To keep the entry barrier into building web apps as low as possible, we have built a deep integration for the most popular no-code database, Airtable. So you have the simplicity that comes with it, but with Wized you can also build complex queries if your app requires them.


Sell every kind of product with Stripe

Wized allows you to sell products or memberships in your web application via Stripe Checkouts and thereby integrates seamlessly with your user authentication system. This, among many other options, allows you, to restrict certain areas of your application to paying customers only.


Why use Wized?

Wized is the only tool in the Webflow ecosystem that has true support for working with user data.
So if you don't want to go the hacky way but instead want to build a scalable web application that displays individual content to each user, with your custom design, support for subscriptions and payments there simply is no alternative. No need to even start talking about pricing...


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